French Toast Logs

Happy Sunday! Sundays are great days for breakfast posts! My boyfriend and I were deliberating what to make this morning. I had a bit of a sweet tooth and he was leaning towards biscuits. We finally decided on an old favorite – french toast sticks. When he was just a little one (he says 3rd grade but I suspect he was a bit younger), he complained to his momma in typical little boy fashion “I don’t want just cereal and poptarts for breakfast!” As a result, he began his cooking career alongside his mum preparing a similar recipe to this one. Suffice to say, he is an old expert on the matter of french toast sticks.

We were debating on what to use for our bread. I had some stale country bread that I thought would be perfect, but we picked up a french baguette instead.

To begin, with a bread knife, cut the baguette in half longwise. Place the cut side face down, and cut the crust lengthwise again on both halves. You should have four long equal sections. Cut them horizontally to the length you would like. (We cut them into fours again). You should have 16 little logs ready to french toastify!

French Toast Batter

4 free range eggs
1/4 c. organic milk
2 T. organic cream
1 T. cinnamon
1 T. sugar
1 t. vanilla

Whisk all ingredients together in a shallow bowl. I always use a glass pie dish. Allow the logs to soak up the mixture on each side and transfer to hot skillet. Butter or spray your skillet just before adding the logs. Cook until brown on each side. I like to put the sticks in a warm oven until the bread supply has been exhausted so that everyone can eat together. You can feed your hungry wolves whenever you please.

After each stick has experienced the warmth of the skillet, stack your logs and serve!



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