Sparkling Stone Fruit Cocktail

Happy Fourth of July! In search for a summer cocktail that would be appropriate for the fourth, I thought about mojitos, sours, and juleps. I considered sangria and punch. I didn’t want to embark upon the full-day of drinking that can accompany the fourth, but rather was looking something light & bubbly. I finally settled on a recipe I adapted slightly from Middle West Spirits. I can’t say I really succeeded in creating a drink that felt ‘light’ but it was delicious and using a Stone Fruit vodka seemed to compliment the tart cherries bubbling away on the stove bound for hand pies.


Sparkling Stone Fruit Cocktail

1 oz. OYO Stone Fruit Vodka
2-3 tsp. simple syrup
4 dashes Angostura bitters
4 oz. Brut champagne

First, add the simple syrup, bitters, and vodka to the bottom of a glass. Stir to combine.


Top off with Brut champagne


And garnish with a cherry! Delicious & dangerously strong. Be careful with these! 😉



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