About this Blog

The challenges of living alone can be overwhelming. Alongside the joys of quiet & peace of mind comes a heightened cost of living and empty hours to wile away. Groceries purchased for the potential of a delicious meal slowly grow mold and soften during a string of unexpected stressful days.

When living alone (or cooking alone), many recipes can be daunting because of their supply list and large portions. Likewise, cravings for an item turn into I-never-want-to-eat-this-again after day three of now-questionable leftovers. You know how difficult it can be to eat a whole loaf of bread before it grows mold or to finish a gallon of milk before it sours. You know about that time when you bought celery because you needed two stalks for a soup and then it sat in the fridge for a month because you forgot it was in the vegetable drawer.

This blog is interested in how you can pare down huge recipes to make them single & double serving friendly while transforming your weekly grocery list into a number of world-inspired dishes without having to eat the same flavors over & over.


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